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Sharon is an internationally known Spiritualist medium and teacher. She is the only advanced academic Diploma holder in the United States awarded by the Spiritualists’ National Union in the U.K. She is also accredited by the SNU in platform demonstrating and speaking. She has studied under a number of award-holding Spiritualist mediums, but her primary tutors have been Margaret Challenger, CSNU, and Paul Jacobs, CSNU, both tutors at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, the world’s foremost school for the advancement of mediumship and the psychic sciences.

Sharon is the National Representative for the USA of the Spiritualists’ National Union International (SNUi). She also serves on the SNUi Committee as the Education Coordinator, responsible for scheduling online classes. In addition, Sharon is an SNU tutor for two of its correspondence courses. She received SNU’s John McIndoe Prize in 2018 for the highest score earned in the Diploma advanced courses and the The Olive Haywood Award for Achievement in recognition of achievement over and above what is usually expected of candidates undertaking the Spiritualists’ National Union accreditation or awards. Her thesis was “Spirit Rapping, Spiritoscope, and Psychometry: The Mediumship of Maria B. Hayden, M.D.,” which she is now expanding into a biography.

Along with mediumship, Sharon is a medical intuitive. She is a former medical assistant registered through the American Registry of Medical Assistants and worked for several years in hospitals and for private practice doctors in various specialties. She has taken Carolyn Myss’s course, The Science of Medical Intuition. Sharon felt called to begin doing medical intuitive readings when she was researching Maria B. Hayden, MD, who was an outstanding medical intuitive in the nineteenth century.

Sharon is also an accomplished and prolific writer (see her other website, www.NonfictionHelp.com). She has written thirty books and hundreds of articles. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree, earned with Distinction, in Creative Nonfiction Writing. Sharon believes that through memoir writing and/or channeling the higher self, loved ones, and/or spirit guides, anyone can become more self-aware and embark on their own healing journey.

Additionally, Sharon has been a Certified Genealogist for more than thirty years through the Board for Certification of Genealogists.®  She believes that by researching and telling our ancestors’ life stories, both the living and those who have passed receive healing on a generational level. (For more about her genealogy services, see www.SharonCarmack.com). Listen to Sharon’s interview about Genealogy and Mediumship on We Don’t Die Radio.

Sharon’s Spiritual Journey

Since childhood, I’ve always been fascinated with the paranormal. In my youth, however, it seemed that I was no more psychic than a brick. Yet, the dead called to me in other ways.

At the age of about ten, I became interested in genealogy and family history, sparked by a live person I serendipitously met in a cemetery in rural New York. Friends of my parents knew of my early interest in “ghosties and goulies and things that go bump in the night” from watching Dark Shadows. One evening, they took me to an old burial ground to look at the headstones. There, we met a man who was copying down tombstone inscriptions. He turned out to be a genealogist. They invited him back to the house, and he explained to me how to start researching my family history. From that point forward, dead people haven’t haunted me; I’ve haunted them!

I became a Certified Genealogist® in 1989 and built my career on researching and writing ancestors’ life stories. Now, after more than twenty-five years of talking to dead people, they’re finally talking back to me.

When my mother crossed over several years ago, I started receiving signs that convinced me her spirit was still with me. Not long after her passing, as I flipped through the hundreds of stations our cable TV company offered, I stopped on the Long Island Medium. I wondered, “Can anyone become a medium?” At the age of fifty-six, I decided to find out.

For more than two years, I meditated, researched, and read everything I could about mediumship and spirit communication: guidebooks, memoirs, and articles and books that tested mediums’ abilities, such as The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death by Gary E. Schwartz, PhD. (This is a book I highly recommend for anyone who doubts that our consciousness, or souls, do survive physical death. There are many other articles and books on my Recommend Reading page.)

In addition to studying mediumship, I gravitated toward healing work through Reiki and then shamanism, the world’s oldest, continuously practiced healing modality. I credit my spiritual growth and mediumship unfolding to Reiki and shamanism, both of which also radically changed my life and worldview.

Spirit then nudged—or more like pushed—me into giving my first validated contact with the spirit world while I was visiting Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida, where I attended a development class taught by Rev. Steve Adkins. No one was more surprised than I at the accuracy of that first reading. Based on Dr. Schwartz’s findings and work with mediums in The Afterlife Experiments, he says that an accuracy rate of 36% or less is someone who’s guessing. The research mediums he tested and used in his blind lab experiments had an accuracy rate of between 80% and 95%. My first reading was somewhere in the range of 90% accurate.

To make sure this wasn’t a fluke, when I returned home, I began a rigorous, self-imposed “spirit internship” to develop and practice my ability to connect with Spirit in readings. With the help of several friends from coast to coast who kindly spread the word, I gave roughly 100 free readings during a six-month period. These readings were all conducted over the telephone. All I knew was the person’s name who emailed me to set up an appointment and their phone number. You can read some of their testimonials here.

Even though I had been searching without success for both a medium mentor and a development circle, it wasn’t until after I began my self-imposed internship that Spirit placed in my path a local development circle and a mentor, followed by mediumship workshops and online classes. It’s true what they say: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Now I’m teaching in my local circle and in online classes through Zoom.

Looking back, I can now see how my entire life has taken me along an evolving path of healing and working with Spirit, beginning with becoming a medical assistant ; through my long career as a Certified Genealogist and creative nonfiction writer; through studying Reiki and shamanic practices; and now as a Spiritualist medium, medical intuitive, and teacher.

I bring to my mediumship, teaching, and medical intuitive work the same ethics and integrity as I have in my long career and reputation as a professional genealogist and writer. I invite you to browse through my website, and I welcome the opportunity to assist you on your journey.


“As the sunflower turns its face toward the light of the sun,
so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity toward the light of truth.”