Fees & Appointments

  • Mediumship and intuitive/psychic readings last 30 minutes, or sometimes a bit longer. My fee for a reading is $75. Book your appointment by scrolling to the bottom of the page and choosing either Mediumship or Intuitive/Psychic Reading.
  • I provide readings via Zoom (like Skype). When you book an appointment, you will be emailed a URL link. Please log on at the appointment time.
  • To protect the integrity of your reading, I prefer not to speak with you prior to your reading. Please do not give me any information on your booking form other than what it asks for.
  • For your convenience and later review, I record all readings and will provide you with a free digital recording of your reading. Sometimes the true reading comes when you review the recording. People often make connections or understand additional information when listening to the recording later.
  • I make no guarantee that I can connect with specific loved ones in spirit. Spirit people do not necessarily respond on demand. Your loved ones might be unavailable for some reason, or they may not be ready to communicate. Or they may realize that you aren’t truly ready to hear from them.
  • In psychic/intuitive readings, I read your energy/aura. I cannot predict your future, but can give you probabilities based on your past and present to help you make decisions. Ultimately, anything you choose to do is your responsibility.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to book a reading.

Cancellation Policy

  • All appointments must be booked at least 24 hours prior to a reading. If you should need to reschedule or cancel, you may do so at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment using the calendar link provided in your confirmation email. If you miss your appointment, or cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours prior, your payment is nonrefundable. If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to email (sdcarmack@gmail.com) or call me (719-640-1262).
  • When you book an appointment, please add my email address (sdcarmack@gmail.com) to your address book to avoid confirmation emails or other communications from going into your spam folder.