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Practitioners Offering Additional Healing Pathways

Tammy’s Intuitive Services

tammyTammy Langowski looks at your energy from a clairaudient and clairvoyant perspective. A former student of Berkeley Psychic Institute, she has over 25 years of experience in giving healings and intuitive readings. With your questions, she works with her guides to help counsel areas of concern as in decision-making, self-motivation, relationships and spiritual development. Tammy incorporates visualization and past life information as needed in a session. She also offers house energy clearing and/or spirit investigation/communication. Tammy has a down-to-earth style and a sincere desire to be a channel of support and inspiration.

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Natures of Light Healing Arts

Heather Sea MeHeather M. Lindsay, M.Ac. (Master of Acupuncture), is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner who assists her clients with the beautiful Flower Essences of Bach and La Vie de la Rose to transform their life’s lessons into loving expressions of who they are. Heather also practices and teaches the Angelic Healing Touch of Integrated Energy Therapy®. IET® clears the debris from current and past life experiences and then guides you in taking the steps to empower yourself in living life through your soul’s gifts. Both Flower Essence Consults and IET® Sessions are available through distance sessions via phone or Skype and in person in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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Untie Your Wings Life Coaching

150802 Photo of Kathy Lane  CROPPED JPGUsing the principles of the Law of Attraction, Kathy Lane, M.A., partners with her clients to assist them in moving from where they are to where they desire to be with respect to their career, relationships, health, and prosperity or life purpose. Also certified in The Emotion Code, she assists in removing excess emotional baggage that impacts the health and well-being of individuals. Sessions with her are available on the telephone or via Skype.

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Melanie Alberts, Natural Mediumship Blogger and Spirit Artist

siena-melanieMelanie Alberts is a Spiritualist medium and spirit portrait artist on a perpetual journey of personal discovery. Melanie’s practice and art reflects natural, direct spiritual contact. Her aim is to bring joy, compassion and understanding from your loved ones in spirit. She blogs about matters concerning the workings of natural mediumship, spirit and psychic art and the wonders of communicating with Spirit.