Medical Intuitive Readings

About Medical Intuitive Readings

“It’s more important to understand the imbalances in your body’s basic systems and

restore balance, rather than name the disease and match the pill to the ill.”

—Mark Hyman, MD

We know that life’s stress factors can contribute to 90-95 percent of physical issues, including those conditions deemed genetic. So it’s important to treat the cause of physical problems, not just the symptoms. We are all made of energy, and I believe that all physical illness and disease begins in the body’s energy system.

My Medical Intuitive Readings will

  • review and evaluate your body’s physical systems and symptoms
  • review and evaluate your body’s energy systems for where you might be losing power
  • point out these energy issues that may be causing your physical symptoms

The goal of the medical intuitive reading is not to diagnose, prescribe, or make predictions, but to evaluate your energy and uncover fears, emotional stresses, insecurities, and personal traumas that might cause your body to weaken and make healing difficult. That said, I will not pick up on every emotional or physical issue in your life. My intent is to tap into those stresses currently causing you the most physical problems.

I do the reading in advance of your appointment and will send you a written assessment. All I need is your full name and age. Then I will go over the reading with you face-to-face online via Zoom during your appointment, plus discuss any specific concerns or issues you may have at that time. Zoom is simple to use, but you will need to be able to turn on your computer or iPhone’s video. I will provide you with a web link; you merely click on it, click on activate your computer audio when it prompts you, and you’re in!

The face-to-face sessions are a vital part of the reading and will be recorded. You will receive by email a link to download the recording. The recording will be deleted after 24 hours, so please download it as soon as possible. You can then play the recording at any time on your computer or phone. All correspondence and recordings will be kept strictly confidential. Likewise, any correspondence and recordings are for your personal use only; they may not be publicly shared or posted on any public or social media site.

In your reading, I will provide you with guidance and resources to help you move you forward, so you can take action to heal yourself. Healing is not passive. It is active. You must take action to heal. I am not a healer, but a healing facilitator. Ultimately, your healing decisions and actions are your sole and legal responsibility. In the words of Carolyn Myss, PhD, and C. Norman Shealy, MD, authors of The Creation of Health,

First, the body breaks down in response to emotional, psychological, and spiritual stress; second, in order to heal completely, these unresolved areas of stress need to be dealt with effectively; and third, the patient is responsible for his or her own healing process. It is this third perception, more than the other two, that determines the effectiveness of any of the alternative technologies.

Through my medical intuitive readings, I hope to assist you in beginning to discover how you can heal yourself.

Along with my practice as an medical intuitive and Spiritualist medium, I am a former medical assistant registered through the American Registry of Medical Assistants. I worked for several years in hospitals and for private practice doctors in various specialties. I have also taken Carolyn Myss’s course in The Science of Medical Intuition, as well as done a great deal self-study. I felt called to begin doing medical intuitive readings when I was researching and writing a biography of one of the greatest medical intuitives of the nineteenth century: Maria B. Hayden, M.D. She leads my team of spirit doctors who work with me.

But I am not a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or nurse. None of my services are meant to replace medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. In fact, I sometimes recommend follow-up tests and consultations with your health care providers.

Remember, too, that no medical intuitive is 100% accurate. Even physicians with expensive diagnostic tests are never 100% accurate. Medical intuitive readings are meant to complement your healing journey and are for your enlightenment.

For those under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must request the reading and must be present for the Zoom appointment.

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Cost for a Medical Intuitive Reading is $150. I spend about 30-45 minutes before your appointment to do the reading, then the appointment to go over your reading is about 30 minutes. To schedule an appointment, click on Medical Intuitive Readings below. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance are non-refundable.

Need additional help with healing? I highly recommend Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can by Carolyn Myss, PhD.