Prepare for Your Reading

  • Plan to have your reading in a quite place where you won’t be distracted or disturbed by other people, children, pets, or noises. If you plan to have someone else in the room with you for support, please be aware that I may pick up on spirits for the other person or on their energy. It is best if you are in a room by yourself.
  • Please log on to the Zoom link provided in your confirmation email at the set appointment time.
  • You may want to have a pen and paper handy to jot down questions that come to mind during the reading. For mediumship readings, I like to allow your loved ones to say what they need to say first, then I will ask you if you have questions for them.
  • Relax and keep an open mind before and during the reading.

What to Expect in Your Mediumship Reading

  • When I attempt to connect with your loved ones, I invite them to speak, and in doing so, they provide validating evidence and messages for you. The experience of a mediumship reading is giving not only you, but also your loved ones, another opportunity to say what they need to say. Consequently, loved ones you hadn’t expected, or even those you’ve had only a passing acquaintance with, might step forward for their own healing and growth. Sometimes those loved ones with the greatest need will come through first, not necessarily the one you were most expecting to hear from. Remember, your positive thoughts and energy help your loved ones communicate.
  • All mediumship is experimental due to various conditions at the time of your reading, such as your loved ones’ ability to communicate and your emotional energy during the reading. While I will  attempt to communicate with a specific person in spirit whom you request, do keep in mind that spirit people do not always respond on demand. It’s like inviting friends and family to dinner. Some are able to make it, others are busy that night. This doesn’t mean they don’t still love you. They’re sometimes just unavailable to connect when you’d like them to. There are many reasons a loved one in spirit may not communicate: They may not be ready. They may feel you aren’t ready to hear from them. They may not know yet how to communicate through a medium.
  • I will ask you if you have any questions for your loved ones. Any advice you receive from the Spirit World should be taken in the context of that person’s personality. If a person wasn’t good at giving advice when alive, he or she won’t be from the Other Side. When we pass, we don’t become all knowing. Remember, you always have free will, and ultimately any choices, decisions, and actions you take are your responsibility.
  • Think of spirit communication like trying to have a conversation with someone in the food court of a mall during the Christmas holidays. You must filter out not only other conversations and noises that echo in the building, but also holiday music playing over the sound system. When I communicate with spirit, I’m filtering out interference and extraneous noise (additional energy in the universe), including my own thoughts, so I can focus on the conversation with your loved one. Now also consider that the person you’re trying to have a conversation with in the mall is communicating through images, symbols, words, body language, and gestures.

Tips for a Good Reading

  • Both before and during your reading, please don’t “feed” the medium! To preserve the integrity of your reading, I will ask you questions only to ensure I’m on the right track and connected with your loved ones. I need only “yes,” “no,” “possibly,” or “I don’t know” responses. (Once the reading is concluded, however, I would appreciate hearing more about your loved ones and what information in the reading resonated with you.)
  • I will tell you everything I receive: images, words, thoughts, feelings, and sympathetic pain. Oftentimes, the true reading comes when you listen to the recording of your session. Some things may not make sense during the reading, but may make sense later, or you may have to verify things your loved one communicated.
  • Few things in life are 100% accurate. Medical tests have been known to be wrong. Juries have convicted innocent people. The National Weather Service, with all its sophisticated computer forecast models, Doppler radars, and meteorologists, isn’t 100% accurate, and neither is spirit communication! That said, some information in your reading may not resonate with you immediately but may make sense later. Also, some information might not be literal, so be open to symbolism. For example, a spirit person may show himself wearing a cowboy hat. That may not mean he was a cowboy, but that he lived in the West. Or I may see an image of roses. This could mean your loved one is symbolically giving you roses, or it could be a reference to the name Rose. Take what feels right to you; after all, the evidence and messages your loved ones communicate are for you, not me! Spirit simply uses me and my frame of references as a “receiver” for the messages.

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